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Matthew Key Cumming is the CEO of Cumming Consulting Group, project management, and internet marketing company based in Atlanta, Georgia. In the 5-years that the company has been in service, it has handled internet marketing projects for companies of all sizes ranging from multinationals to startups looking to leverage the internet’s power to increase their brand awareness. Cumming’s success in the business has a lot to do with his background.

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Matthew Key Cumming is an entrepreneur and the brains behind Cumming Consulting Group. The Atlanta-based company offers internet marketing and project management services to companies looking to leverage the power of big data to come up with highly targeted and predictive marketing techniques. Matthew started the company five years ago and has since grown it into a highly sought after player in the internet marketing space. He has built a clientele made up of everything from startups to the who-is-who in the corporate world. Matthew’s success as a CEO is the result of a passion for entrepreneurship and his skills. He holds a degree in communication, an MBA, and also has a PMI Professional Certification. These are skills that have been critical in his ability to deliver value to the company’s clients in the five years that the company has been in existence.  Matthew also built the job experience when working at various consulting companies at a senior management level. Cumming has leveraged his success not just to improve his wellbeing but also to uplift other upcoming entrepreneurs. He runs mentorship programs through which young entrepreneurs can learn what it takes to achieve their dreams and impact society. Besides his work and mentorship endeavors, Cumming is also into charity and is dedicated to non-profits that touch on the most vulnerable needs in society. His philanthropic side has been most evident during the COVID-19 pandemic when he has used more than $50k on charities that help feed the vulnerable. Besides work and philanthropy, Cumming has an active social life. One of his best pastime activities is swimming. He uses swimming to keep fit and reenergize to keep his mind sharp for the job. So passionate is Cumming about swimming that he regularly takes part in amateur competitions. Cumming is also very passionate about golfing is frequents golf clubs around Atlanta and beyond. For him, golf is a way to have fun while at the same time, getting to build valuable business networks.  It is through golf that he got some of his most important clients.

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